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  • Best beauty salon,Aventura, Florida, USA should realize that the poor quality website content may drive away some customers

    Posted on May 15th, 2022 admin No comments

    Though the staff of Best beauty salon,Aventura, Florida, USA may be very skilled, they have hired a writer with poor english skills for writing their website content, due to reasons which are not known . Some of the content from the website in incorrect english is as follows

    The location has rapidly gained esteem because of their skillful hands. The hair stylists have won over respect because of the results that they get. Most clients walk away happy with the hair style being imparted.

    Powerful officials have blocked almost all writing work circulating defamatory manipulated videos of the domain investor. Yet they fail to realize that the website visitors will check the english of the writer who has written the website content for best beauty salon ,they are least interested in watching videos of the writer who wrote the junk content, or the better writer who is denied work because of the defamatory videos being circulated since 2010.
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  • Greedy good looking women with fake resumes continue to get monthly government salaries, though their sugar daddy puneet's career is adversely affected

    Posted on May 3rd, 2022 admin No comments

    It appears that cunning puneet’s infatuation with good looking women has adversely affected his career
    Though all his girlfriends are getting monthly government salaries with fake resumes, It appears that brahmin cheater puneet’s infatuation with good looking women has adversely affected his career , just as he destroyed the life of his female btech 1993 ee classmate , stealing her resume
    Earlier he was director of a larger company apost for 6 years, then he left to join another company
    In 2019, he left the job leading to posts that he was a professional musician on a large number of websites
    Now he is doing a low profile job , he is not even mentioned in the people for the website.
    It appears that j srinivasan, tushar parekh and vijay are the main beneficiaries of the resume theft fraud on the domain investor, single woman engineer.
    It is interesting to find out why the government is wasting taxpayer money on the greedy good looking girlfriends with fake bank accounts, fake resume when his career is adversely affected.
    This shows the lack of professionalism in government agencies, they blindly believe all the lies of greedy good looking women to waste taxpayer money on them, paying them monthly salaries for faking domain ownership, online income.