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  • Though Shraddha Walkar had flawless skin, she did not leave Poonawala and live alone

    Posted on November 25th, 2022 admin No comments

    Compared to Ankita Bhandari, there are more photos available of Shraddha Walkar. She appears to be a pretty young woman with flawless skin. If she had broken up , she could have found a new partner or date or lived alone. It was a mistake or error of judgement that she decided to continue living with Aftab Poonawala despite the fact that their relationship was over.
    It was this mistake which led to her grisly death, which Poonawala almost got away with it.
    It is time that the government agencies and society stops being harsh on single people, especially single women, since they are more vulnerable to being attacked or abuse, since they are physically weaker.