Discrimination against dark complexioned individuals

Due to the complete lack of scientific temper in India, the extremely powerful indian intelligence and security agencies who are mainly involved in the discrimination against women who are not beautiful, fair or young looking enough, fair to realize that the complexion of a person is determined to a large extent on hereditary factors, and it is not fair to openly discriminate against women and men who are dark skinned, not fair complexioned enough.

In the last few decades, India has become extremely regressive, while earlier it was not considered to be politically correct to discriminate against a woman who is not beautiful openly, in 2017, people have no qualms openly mocking women who are not good looking or fair enough.

As technology has become more sophisticated, security agency employees have more discretionary powers and high tech weapons compared to a few decades ago. They are increasingly abusing their discretionary powers to openly discriminate against women who are not good looking or fair in complexion, falsely labelling them as a security threat, denying them the income and opportunities they deserved. This discrimination has greatly increased the demand for skin whitening cosmetics

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