Fair and handsome cream for men

Earlier personal qualities of a person were important, however in the last decade, increasingly the appearance of a person is most important, While in western countries, a tan is considered to be a sign of beauty and people spend hours lying on a beach to acquire a tan, in India, fair skin is considered to be a status symbol. Most well off men will insist on marrying a fair complexioned woman, especially one who is fairer than the groom.
Even if the features of the woman are not very good, if she is tall and fair complexioned, all her other disadvantages are ignored. Earlier almost all the cosmetic products for skin whitening were targetted at women in india.
However realizing that men were borrowing fair and lovely and similar skin whitening creams from their female relatives , the new product fair and handsome targetted at men was launched and has allegedly got a good response in the market.
Film stars like shahrukh khan were allegedly promoting the fair and handsome cream in the market and also faced criticism for the same.