Ponds white beauty tan removal scrub

Ponds white beauty tan removal scrub claims to make the skin of the user fairer. Though a person may use umbrellas, caps and scrubs to protect the skin, the skin may still get tanned when a person will leave his or her house and go outside during the day. The scrub contains trademarked tansolve beads and brightening cream. Ideally the scrub should be used daily for best results
The scrub claims to be removing the tan from the face, and is suitable for all types of skin
To use the tan removal scrub, massage the scrub on the skin, and wash it off with water.
The scrub should not be used with delicate skin.

Formulated by Ponds Institute

Price : Rs 99 for a net weight of 50 grams

Should be used within 24 months of manufacture

No major improvement noticed for older woman with wheatish oily skin

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