Shraddha Arya and Fairlook ad for fairness cream

While on television, newspapers and print media there are many ads for skin whitening products (which will be discussed further), few are as honest and explicit in stating the discrimination faced by dark complexioned people in India as the Fair look ad featuring the fair and lovely shraddha arya ( who looks like a fair version of india’s most pampered panaji PROSTITUTE R&AW employee sunaina chodan 2013 bsc,), which is shown only on airtel dish tv in time share resorts from a teleshopping network.

It openly states that dark complexioned people in india are treated as second class citizens in their social life, married and professional life, no one wishes to become friends with dark complexioned people.

The young man featured in the Fair look ad said that because he was dark complexioned his boss did not give him important work, after he used fair look, his complexion improved and his boss called him for all the presentations
If the ad was shown on a mainstream TV channel, it would have caused outrage as it is very explicit.