Face scrub for exfoliation, pimple reduction, skin whitening

One of the most popular applications of turmeric is for face scrubs for reducing the tan on the face and pimple reduction. Though the turmeric for skin whitening is derived from the root of the turmeric plant, most people are purchasing the turmeric powder available in the market, instead of using the turmeric roots.
Depending on availability, to make a paste the turmeric can be mixed with
– curds
– cream of milk
– milk
– water
The mixture should be stirred to get uniform paste
The paste should then be applied to the face and other areas for some time, at least till the turmeric paste will become dry. The dried turmeric paste can be manually removed and then washed with water to remove the particles which are still sticking to the face.
This can help
– remove the blackheads on the face
– tighten pores
– prevent pimples
– lighten scars due to bleaching effect