We Are Thoroughly Enjoying Our New One Bedroom Apartment at Twin Lakes

We were just married and picked a place to live in Wichita that we knew we would enjoy. When we were getting close to being married, we looked at one bedroom apartments in Wichita KS. We needed a place we could afford with our jobs, and we found a place that is just amazing. I have a small sailboat that was given to me by my grandfather. We restored it together. I thought that it might just sit in storage with us in an apartment, but we found Twin Lakes that has a 22-acre lake for residents to enjoy. We go sailing pretty much every day we have off together. We both enjoy it so much.

I never thought that we would be able to find a place that was so nice to live for such affordable rent for a one bedroom place. We got an apartment where all of our utilities are included in the monthly lease plan. This way we have a fixed amount we know we have to pay each month for the duration of our lease term. It is so helpful being a young couple with a limited budget to have fixed costs. If we tried to own a home, the utility costs would go up and down, and we would have to save for major repairs and minor ones too. No matter what we need here, it is taken care of by the property managers.

Not having to cut grass and fix things frees up a lot of time to enjoy the lake. If we had to cut grass and maintain the outside of a home while keeping our jobs, we would have far less time to enjoy other things. This apartment living at Twin Lakes is like getting free time to enjoy things we like rather than having to do chores to maintain a house.