I Saved Money by Installing My Own Cameras

I knew that I wanted to get a CCTV IP camera but I had no idea where to purchase it. I had called a number I had seen on a TV commercial, but I quickly hung up after hearing the price just for a very basic security system. I know that it costs money, but the price I was given was outrageous, for the lack of a better word. I have helped my brother install various things at his house with wiring, and I figured it could not be that much different to run cables for this type of system.

I decided to go online and see if I could just buy the equipment outright, knowing I could get help from my brother with installing it if need be. I was able to find a company that sells the cameras and other pieces of security equipment in very little time. The reason I went with the company that I chose is because they have low prices, name brand equipment, and they also offer free tech support. I had seen one site that sells good equipment but charges for technical help, so I went with the one that offered more benefits.

I got a four camera kit, and it was extremely easy to install. I thought that I would perhaps need to call on the tech support or at least on my brother, but I was able to put in all four cameras on my own. I downloaded an app, and I can see any of the four cameras at any time just by clicking on the app on my phone. If I hear a noise, I can see within seconds what is causing it. I saved a lot of money by putting in the cameras myself, plus I own the equipment now too.