Just Got to Singapore Last Week

The bosses decided that it was a desperate situation and they sent me here with almost no warning. The day before I got on the plane I was thinking about taking a quick trip to Cabo San Lucas with Emily and her parents to do some fishing. Now I am here and she is pretty mad at me about it. Of course we are always having some sort of drama, so it is not new. For now I am staying at a place called Parc Esta in Singapore, which is a condo that belongs to someone my supervisor went to school with. I think that the two of them have some sort of side deal and I would bet anything that the company is getting handed a padded bill for it. However for me that is not important, the only difference is that there is not room service and no maid service. I can cook and I can pick up after myself, so it is not that I really care.

The big thing I have learned so far is that it is really hard to get around in Singapore. If you do not know it is a relatively small island with an enormous population. The place has a tremendous number of tall buildings, obviously when you have so many people in such a small area there is no other option. So you have huge numbers of people and vehicles moving around in a very constricted area. I have already learned that you have to take the trains when it is possible. Of course a car would be nearly useless here because you would spend most of your life looking for a place to park the thing if you ever got to where you were going. The condo I am staying in is not really convenient for my office and I have to allow a lot of time.