Nyka ad starring Jahnvi kapoor shows that young women are spending a large amount on makeup, cosmetics

One of the greatest frauds of indian tech and internet companies is how they are belittling the domain investor , falsely claiming every good looking young person has the same skills, work ethic and experience.
In reality the priorities of young people especially young women are extremely different, they are least interested in spending many hours, sitting in front of the computer daily, writing articles or doing other computer work
The Nyka ad featuring actress Jhanvi kapoor and her boyfriend packing for a holiday in goa, show that young women are spending a large amount on makeup, doing everything possible to look good all the time, using a wide range of makeup and cosmetic products
The main priority of most young people is only looking good and enjoying themselves.
In the ad the actress is shown packing so many cosmetics in her luggage that she is not able to close the bag because she will require all the cosmetics

In contrast to make money online, a person has to spend many hours in front of the computer, no time to enjoy or do makeup