Fair and Handsome Laser 12

Newly introduced Fair and Handsome Laser 12
Advanced whitening for men using breakthrough Laser action technology
Some of the benefits are (from advertisement in Goa Times):
Uniform matte finish
Revitalised fresh skin
Oil free look
Radiant fairness
Non sticky feel
Tan free look
Refined skin texture
Reduced blemishes
Even tone

Advertisement features actor Hrithik Roshan , who is endorsing the product. Please note that this is a free advertisement for information only.

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We Found a New Place to Stay

This is a really nice place and I certainly could not have afforded to live here if I had not gotten really lucky. In fact I knew that I needed to find a new place to live and I was getting ready to start looking for a new Jackson apartments, but it pretty much found me first. I went to this party and there I ran into this guy that I knew. I was walking in this place and he was walking out, on his way out on a date. We talked for a couple of minutes and he asked me if I knew of anyone that needed two roommates. It was a bit of a surprise to me, but he gave me his number and later on he showed me the place. It was a three bedroom apartment in a luxury apartment complex and the guy that was moving out was still there. Continue Reading “We Found a New Place to Stay”

Airhostess makeup, cosmetics depends on airlines

Travelling by air can be informative as the airlines have different standards of beauty and makeup for their flight staff especially air hostesses. Indian Airlines has a fairly large number of male flight staff, while private airlines have high standards of make up and beauty for their airhostesses. The uniform is moulded to fit the airhostesses of private airlines exactly, and it appears that only very good looking women are selected as aircraft cabin staff by the private airlines.
Many of these women have limited language skills, yet because beauty is the main criteria for selection, the passengers have to manage with the staff. It would be interesting to find out how the airhostesses in private airlines are trained in applying make up so well, and how much time and money they are spending daily before reporting for work in dressing up and completing their makeup

We Are Thoroughly Enjoying Our New One Bedroom Apartment at Twin Lakes

We were just married and picked a place to live in Wichita that we knew we would enjoy. When we were getting close to being married, we looked at one bedroom apartments in Wichita KS. We needed a place we could afford with our jobs, and we found a place that is just amazing. I have a small sailboat that was given to me by my grandfather. We restored it together. I thought that it might just sit in storage with us in an apartment, but we found Twin Lakes that has a 22-acre lake for residents to enjoy. We go sailing pretty much every day we have off together. We both enjoy it so much. Continue Reading “We Are Thoroughly Enjoying Our New One Bedroom Apartment at Twin Lakes”

Home remedies compared to cosmetic creams for skin whitening

While there are many home remedies available for skin whitening there are also advantages and disadvantages when compared to the large number of skin whitening cosmetic creams which are available in the market.
Some of the advantages of using home remedies are:
– low cost
– easy to find and use ingredients
– no expiry date
– no side effects
Disadvantages of home remedies are :
– can be messy to use, clothes may get stained by the turmeric
– some time required to make them
– not suitable for people with a busy schedule as they cannot afford to wait
– not testing scientifically for effectiveness

So a person has to look at the advantages and disadvantages of the home remedies and cosmetic creams before taking a decision on the skin whitening method which is most suitable.

Carrots, mangos and other fruits are effective for skin whitening

While cosmetics for skin whitening are expensive, not very effective, and the skin may become darker once the usage of the cosmetics will be reduced, one of the most effective way to make the complexion fair, will be to eat brightly coloured fruits and vegetables which contain a lot of carotene.
For example during summer when mangoes are available at a low price , a person eating a lot of mangoes will observe that his or her skin will lighten and complexion will improve . however in most states of india mangoes are available for only a few months in a years from March to June end, few weeks in July.
Carrots are another way to improve the complexion. However most of the carrots available in the market are hard, so a person who does not have good teeth, will find it difficult to eat the carrots. In such cases, the carrots should be grated, juiced or steamed in a pressure cooker so that the person can easily eat them without affecting his or her teeth

Face scrub for exfoliation, pimple reduction, skin whitening

One of the most popular applications of turmeric is for face scrubs for reducing the tan on the face and pimple reduction. Though the turmeric for skin whitening is derived from the root of the turmeric plant, most people are purchasing the turmeric powder available in the market, instead of using the turmeric roots.
Depending on availability, to make a paste the turmeric can be mixed with
– curds
– cream of milk
– milk
– water
The mixture should be stirred to get uniform paste
The paste should then be applied to the face and other areas for some time, at least till the turmeric paste will become dry. The dried turmeric paste can be manually removed and then washed with water to remove the particles which are still sticking to the face.
This can help
– remove the blackheads on the face
– tighten pores
– prevent pimples
– lighten scars due to bleaching effect

Turmeric for skin whitening

Turmeric has been used for skin whitening for centuries as it contains the active ingredient curcurmin which has many healing properties. It makes the person using it fairer by:
– lightening pigmentation
– reducing tanning due to exposure in the sun
– reduces dark circles
– prevents pimples and acne due to the antiseptic properties, preventing further scars
– helps in reducing scars and other dark spots making the skin fairer
– it can be used as a exfoliator for making the skin look younger

The turmeric can be used for skin whitening home remedies like face packs and also in cosmetics like the widely advertised vicco turmeric.

Few skin whitening products designed for oily skin

Usually oily skin will look darker than normal skin, because the oil produced by the skin attracts grime, dirt and dust from the surroundings, making the person look darker than usual. The problem is particularly severe in teenagers who have very oily skin. The oiliness of the skin usually cannot be controlled, it is usually due to hereditary factors. So if the mother or father has oily skin, the child is also likely to have very oily skin.In case the person is very fair complexioned, the oily skin is not very obvious
However a person who is not fair skinned, especially from India, the oil will make the person look darker. The face of the person with oily skin will appear to shining and it can attract a lot of unpleasant comments from anyone who will see the person.
While a person at home, can wash his or her face repeatedly, while travelling, it difficult to remove the oil on the face. Since the oil glands are more on the face, the face of a person with oily skin will often appear to be darker than the skin on the rest of his or her body.
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Ingredients of vicco turmeric skin cream

Ingredients of vicco turmeric skin cream – from packaging
Extracts of turmeric (curcuma longa)
Linn- Rhizome powder
Sandalwood oil (santalum album)
Linn- stem oil
Excipients (in a non greasy base)

The skin cream is not tested on animals
It also does not contain any animal ingredients , advertised as a vegan product

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