Cosmetics for skin whitening

Cream cosmetics Production Line

Damon from Foshan JCT Machinery Co., LTD.

We manufacture the Cream cosmetics Production Line with high quality & very competitive price for 20 years in China.

Our main products are resin, glue, rubber, paint and other chemical production lines, which have been sold to all over the world.

Damon Ou
Contact information:

JCT Machinery Co., Ltd
Website: or
Mobile: 86-18028192302
Fax: 86-757-86707237

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Microneedle RF system for pigmentation removal

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from Maggie Chen of IBLIN Company,
We are a Chinese manufacturer of esthetics and medical equipments.
Our factory developed a new machine , which is : Microneedle RF system .This machine use for :
Shrink pores of face, acne removal, white pores removal, black pores removal , pigmentation removal , skin tightening, wrinkle removal , skin rejuvenation

Beijing IBLIN Technology Group,Overseas Department

Beijing headquarter: Laiguang camp Ma nan li 9-2-401 chaoyang DT. Beijing, China Shenyang branch: Office address :room 2102,3-1 yinka road, hunnan DT .Shenyang, China.

Tel: (0086) 24 87785179

Fax: (0086) 24 87785179


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Difficult to wear sunscreen with facemask

Though temperatures are increasing, it is difficult to wear any kind of sunscreen with a facemask. Due to sweating the sunscreen applied on the face is getting dissolved in the sweat and trickling all over the face, especially the mouth.
While speaking or opening the mouth, the sweat and sunscreen mixture is entering the mouth.
This sunscreen may contain some chemicals which are toxic.
So citizens are forced not to wear a sunscreen when they leave their home.

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Sunscreen prices depend on the advertising budget

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It appears that the sunscreen prices are directly proportional to the advertising budget of the company
Many of the companies which are advertising extensively charge very high prices for their product compared to unknown companies
For example a SPF 50 sunscreen from Nivea is costing Rs 495
A lesser known brand like Sunsecure is also offering SPF 50 sunscreen and the price is one third of the Nivea price.