Unlike India where officials openly discriminate against dark complexioned,united states rewards merit

The united states has many african americans who are holding senior positions, though they are not very good looking or fair skinned, due to the foresight of the leaders, which make it a true democracy.

The african americans are less than 25% of the population of the united states, yet affirmative action has ensured that many have held senior positions like the the former president barack obama as merit, hard work is appreciated in the country unlike india.

On the other hand,in india, a majority of the population is dark complexioned, yet dark complexioned individuals are openly discriminated against by the irrational, regressive indian intelligence and security agency employees, subjected to theft of their resume, savings, correspondence, memory without a court order or legally valid reason

Skin colour and beauty in different countries, cultures

In western countries, a tan is considered to be fashionable , men and women spend a lot of time in the sun, trying to get a tan for their skin. There are some advantages of exposing the skin to sunlight, also as this will help their body get Vitamin D which is an essential vitamin.

However in eastern countries, especially south asian countries like India , fair skin is considered to be a sign of beauty, especially among women. Even if the facial features of a woman are not very pleasant, if she has very fair skin, she is considered beautiful, and her prospects in the marriage market, social and professional life will be better.

On the other hand older dark skinned women are often labelled as ugly and discriminated against, openly denied the income and opportunities they deserved only because of their skin complexion

Cosmetics for skin whitening

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In one the greatest financial, online frauds in India, female domain investors, paypal account holders in India are forced to work almost for free, like slaves, for more than 7 years so that large companies allegedly google, tata can acquire technology cheaply, increase their profit, top NTRO, CBI, security agency and indian government employees can enjoy free sex with the google, tata sponsored sex worker R&AW employees, get financial bribes, career promotion from others

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As the ex Infosys Ceo vishal sikka mentioned, making fake claims and allegations without proof is the dark side of the indian internet and IT sector, and the harmless innocent person being targetted like the domain investor is forced to waste her time, energy and money to defend herself against the slander and lies, an extremely unproductive activity.